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television fanfiction
television fanfiction
The community for posting any fanfiction, G to NC-17 ratings allowed, based on TELEVISION SHOWS, and by TV shows, I mean stuff that are NOT reality shows such as Survivor or American Idol. One main place to find all those stories that we all want.

As long as it's based on a television show, or being crossed-over with a television show, any fanfiction is welcome. All that's asked is that it's properly labeled and rated, and NOT rpf or bandom. Rules of the community can be found here.

While I'd prefer RARE television shows that hardly get any fanfiction dedicated to them, TV shows with a big fandom are welcome here.
1) Each post should have a FANDOM tag, if I don't have it just simply leave it untagged.

2) The actual story can be posted under a cut tag or you can post a link to your journal. Either is acceptable.

3) Any rating is acceptable here, but please friendlock the NC-17/MA stuff, thanks.

4) Stories should be posted with the following header:

(character death, incest, non-con, spoilers for new ep or season, etc.)
Author's Notes:

5) Though this goes without saying but just incase.... No RPF.
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